research PROJEcts 2020–2021

"The aim of the scientific efforts is to systematically and verifiably gain new knowledge within the framework of our research projects, which should bring about progress in immunotherapy."​​

The IOZK foundation supports scientific research projects that concentrate on the further development of immuno-therapeutic treatment and optimize this form of therapy in the battle against cancer. In doing so, the foundation focuses primarily on the promotion of young scientists, the transparency of the projects, and independence from economic interests.

Another focus of the foundation's work is external communication and scientific discourse: The participants are committed to inform the public about cellular immunotherapy and to promote scientific exchange, e.g. through public relations, publications and conferences.

A scientist looks through the microscope

Research projects until 2021

in scientific discourse​

Scientific exchange in the course of conferences is an important aspect of basic research in tumour immunotherapy. Therefore, the researchers of the IOZK Foundation will actively participate in professional conferences such as CIMT in Mainz or CICON in Paris.

of the research results

After completion of the projects, the results are published promptly in specialised media and online. The knowledge acquired is generally available and is made accessible to all interested parties.